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Wierd talents > Friday, September-07-2012

Tallest Professional Model

In case you ever wondered who the tallest professional model is, she is Amazon Eve (USA), who is 201.66 cm, yup, that's a bit over 2 meters. And we can also add that she's not looking too bad either. Nice job, girl!

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Sport records > Sunday, July-29-2012

Speed climbing record

A new Speed climbing World Record was set in the Speed Men Finals - Zhong Qixin managed to climb the whole wall in just 6.26 seconds. Way to go, dude!

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Awesome skills > Friday, January-07-2011

World Record Bikini Photoshooting

Here's an interesting world record attempt: a photo shooting with most girls in bikini for Cosmopolitan magazine. We sure want to see more records like this one! :D

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Wierd talents > Friday, January-07-2011

Longest time of full body ice contact

Wearing only swim trunks, two men compete for the world record in full body ice contact. Amazingly, one of them manages to stay for 2 hours in the cold, which resulted in a new world record.

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Sport records > Monday, December-27-2010

Fastest train in the world - 486 km/h

On December 3rd, 2010, China beat another train speed record: the train CRH380A hit a speed of 486.1 km/h and set a new world train operational speed record on the tracks between Zaozhuang City of Shandong Province and Bengbu City in eastern Anhui Province, which form a segment of the world's longest high-speed rail line linking Beijing and Shanghai.

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Wierd talents > Monday, December-27-2010

19 People in a Smart Car

Who said Smart is a small car? You can fit ... 19 girls in one. Someone actually tried it. Don't ask why. :wall:

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Animal records > Monday, February-08-2010

World's smallest pistol

If you ever wondered just how small a pistol can get, here's your answer: some guy from Austra makes these 2mm pinfire miniature guns. And yes, they do fire.

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Music talents > Tuesday, September-01-2009

Best one man band in the world

This might not exactly be an official world record, but it sure is good! That 1 Guy playing Buttmachine at the Railway Club in Vancouver, BC, Canada, on April 5th.

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Ouch records > Sunday, August-23-2009

World Record Limo Jump

Gary Williams attempts a world record limousine jump at Western Speedway in Victoria BC Canada.

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Animal records > Sunday, August-23-2009

Longest Snake in the world - 97 Feet long

If you don't like snake then you might want to stay away from this 97 feet long beast ... it's pretty much the longest snake in the world!

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