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Wierd talents

Yeah, we all have some of these, but some practice them until they make it a world record.

Wierd talents > Friday, September-07-2012

Tallest Professional Model

In case you ever wondered who the tallest professional model is, she is Amazon Eve (USA), who is 201.66 cm, yup, that's a bit over 2 meters. And we can also add that she's not looking too bad either. Nice job, girl!

Wierd talents > Friday, January-07-2011

Longest time of full body ice contact

Wearing only swim trunks, two men compete for the world record in full body ice contact. Amazingly, one of them manages to stay for 2 hours in the cold, which resulted in a new world record.

Wierd talents > Monday, December-27-2010

19 People in a Smart Car

Who said Smart is a small car? You can fit ... 19 girls in one. Someone actually tried it. Don't ask why. :wall:

Wierd talents > Friday, August-21-2009

The best snapping-turtle catcher

It seems this guy is the best snapping-turtle catcher from Kentucky and from what we know ... maybe from the whole world.

Wierd talents > Wednesday, April-29-2009

Water Bottle Blowing Record

No idea how she's done it, but this girl from Germany managed to blow a water bottle using only her mouth. I bet all you guys out there are thinking about his lungs right now. :cool:

Wierd talents > Monday, March-09-2009

World's Longest Burp

Some people consider this gross, others take it as a cool thing to do.. for this guy, I think it's a sport. He managed to make a 36 seconds long burp. Now that's an interesting record. :doh:

Wierd talents > Tuesday, February-10-2009

Fastest Minesweeper Player

How fast can someone finish a Minesweeper game at expert level? It seems this guy managed to do it in only 38 seconds. Try to beat that.

Wierd talents > Monday, February-09-2009

Weird World Records Compilation

Here's a small compilation of some really weird talents ... most are quite cool though.

Full Story

Wierd talents > Sunday, February-08-2009

Most T-Shirts worn at one time

I bet you didn't think about this one: how many T-shirts can you put on yourself? Matt McAllister from Santa Barbara, CA actually wanted to find out for himself. And he sure did: he managed to wear 165 T-shirts. Yeah, quite crazy indeed. :doh:

Wierd talents > Sunday, February-08-2009

World Record Bubble Blower

I bet you tried to make the biggest gum bubble yourself, but I also bet you never made one this big. Her name is Susan Montgomery Williams and she made this record live in a Spanish TV show.

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