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Awesome skills > Friday, January-07-2011

World Record Bikini Photoshooting

Here's an interesting world record attempt: a photo shooting with most girls in bikini for Cosmopolitan magazine. We sure want to see more records like this one! :D

Awesome skills > Wednesday, April-29-2009

The most powerful handgun in the world

World's most powerful handgun is a .60 cal pistol. I bet Dirty Harry never saw that one coming.

Awesome skills > Sunday, February-08-2009

Fastest Cup Stacker In The World

Her name is Emily Fox and she sure if fast. She won the title of the fastest cup stacking in the world and if you look at this video you can clearly see why. :o

Awesome skills > Sunday, February-08-2009

World's Largest Penny Pyramid

It took 300 hours and 289.000 pennies to build it, but in the end it sure was worth it. Don't worry, the video is a 3 minute time lapse.

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