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Funny records > Wednesday, April-29-2009

Top 12 Lamest World Record Attempts

Funny records > Thursday, February-12-2009

Coconut break record FAIL

I bet all of you wish you could break a coconut with your bare hands. This dude even wanted to break a world record. And he tried. And he failed so miserably. :doh:

Funny records > Monday, February-09-2009

Biggest Mentos Fountain Ever

In November 2007, 850 people made a world record when they simultaneously filled a bottle of coke with Mentos in Breda, Netherlands. The result was really nice too. :clap:

Funny records > Sunday, February-08-2009

Longest Wall Sit Guinness World Record

Dr. Thienna Ho has officially set the new Guinness World Record for "Longest Samson's chair (static wall sit)". Why would anyone want to do that? Beats me, but it sure seems to hurt like hell. Especially if you do it for 11 hours and 5 minutes.

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